I wanted to share one of my favorite new songs. Speaks to feeling tired and worn out yet hopeful for better times. It is so identifiable no matter what stresses are going on life. Click on the link below. I am not good enough at blogging yet to get the video just to show on the page.

My favorite new song

The last couple weeks have been interesting. I was really looking forward to a couple weeks off work to have some downtime. I had big hopes of potty training, play dates and a totally organized house. Instead we had a great Christmas, then 3 days of tons of seizures, followed by big fevers, dead nerves in teeth and a very sleepy kid. As of today Gabriel has been either having seizures, sleeping 22 hours a day or fighting a fever and cough for a full week.

When I heard this song…I thought that is exactly how I feel! I am just worn. So strange to me that I am feeling this way now after slowing down and recoup time. I think we have been running in such a nonstop adrenline frenzy that I didn’t realize how deeply depleated I was internally. I knew I was physically exhausted and tired all the time. It has been strangely cathartic to have the time to finally process internal thoughts and emotions instead of just rushing from one thing to the other.