Today has been kind of tough, Gabriel had 4 big seizures over night and now seems to have started his monthly round of tons of stacked little seizures. Super Boo. I was thinking that we may have escaped the multiple seizure days this month….literally this morning I told my friend that I thought maybe the new medication he was on had kept them away.  So for the 4th month in a row we have had tons of seizures during a full moon.  What craziness!  I feel like we are secret werewolves who have to dread the full moon now 🙂

On the up side, Chuck has been able to home a lot the last week. It has been really great to have some family time.  We have gone to Toys-R-Us, the library, seen Christmas light and train displays together. Seemingly small things but for our busy family the simple things have been wonderful. Santa came to our house on the 26th because he needed time to finish assembling a drum set.  Yes, we are officially certifiable! 🙂


What kid wouldn’t love to come down Christmas morning to find this?


He was jamming right away.


He got a cool megaphone that he calls his “all aboard”.

He is wearing a scarf that was wrapped around one of my gifts. He loves the scarf and has worn it several times just for fun since.  He has also loved playing with his new garbage truck, helicopter and ambulance.

In other news Gabriel has been eating things other than pizza! Woo hoo!  He has started eating some new chocolate cookies, cheese and pickles and puffs again.  It has been nice to cook things other than only pizza.

We hope that everyone is having a great holiday season!