We had Gabriel’s latest neurology appointment on Wednesday. We are currently increasing the dose of his new benzo (type of med). A few weeks ago we changed from 1 benzo to another and while he was on higher dooses during the change he did really well. Had 6 or 7 days without seizures. Best days we have had in a very long time! We did the medicine change instead of weaning meds after his most recent EEG showed no change. Had the EEG showed some change we would have weaned medication but without any change we are unsure how much work the diet is doing. The change in meds seems to be going well. The doctor also referred us to a Behavioral Neuropsychologist (I think that is what the specialist is called) for an eval. Gabriel is exhibiting some behaviors that the neurologist thinks may indicate something called PDD (something on the autism spectrum). The neuro said it can take months to get into this specialist. Kind of overwhelming to think about, so we are focusing on treating the seizures and epilepsy right now. We can deal with any other diagnosis as they come.

In the mean time his physical and occupational therapies continue to go very well and he really enjoys them. We are also in the process of working with our local school district to continue Gabriel’s assesments and receive possible educational and developmental services.

One of the pastors at our church recently talked about Christmas being the time of year when light overcomes the darkness. That as with the winter soltice the darkest days are behind us, and that Christ coming to the world brings light and new life. We hopeful that maybe the darkest days are behind us….we are looking forward to more periods of good days and less seizures.