It has been a good week at our house. Very few seizures. An active, talkative boy ready to take on the world and good company!

Some awesome friends came and helped me cook for G! We set a record of over 30 pizza’s made and tons of ingredients measured!(this is a  picture from November’s cooking night that I never got posted).

I finally remembered the camera and took some pictures at therapy today. He loves physical and occupational therapy. The therapists do an amazing job of making him work really hard but still have tons of fun.  He did a lot of core/ balancing work this week. We are working on building up his balance and muscles so that they become second nature again.

He climbed over huge pillows (the jungle and the water)

He shot tons of baskets from the balance ball.

He loaded the medicine balls into “santa’s sack”

then pulled it down the hall to help Santa deliver the toys.

Then he strengthened his grip by swinging on the trapeze over the water (blue mat) into the jungle(colorful pillow).

In the last couple weeks we have gotten these AMAZING mailbox blessings! Anonymous gifts with sweet and simple notes attached! I hope, hope, hope, hope that the people mailing these thoughtful and generous gifts read the blog because I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so tremendously blessed by your thoughtfulness. I have loved giving secret anonymous gifts to people in the past and only hope those I have tried to bless felt as amazing inside as we do.