It has been a whirlwind of craziness since we got back from John’s Hopkins including an eeg, new meds prescribed and way more seizures than we would have liked.  We just survived our 3rd round of 2-3 days worth of tons of seizures. We have seen this pattern 3 months in a row now….I realize this sounds totally crazy but each time it has been during a full moon….so with no other logically explanation…I am blaming it on that 🙂

I am going to have Chuck write a blog on the medical decisions we have made and why because he understands them better and can explain them.  I am excited to write a blog today with lots of pictures sharing the latest things G has been able to do.

Grandma Gaye and I got to take G through a local drive through Christmas light display…He loved the gingerbread house display……

and the train!

he had this look of awe the whole time!

A couple days later he got to ride on Christmas train with Nonna, Grandma and Daddy.  He was having lots of seizures and wasn’t able to communicate a whole lot during the train ride but talked about it a lot with Mommy after he got home.

Ready to board with Daddy.

I love this picture because he is holding both his ticket and “the little handle”. Almost every picture from the train ride has him holding on to this little chain. He excitedly told me “I pulled the little handle!”  He was convinced that by holding on the chain he was pulling the little handle and making the train go! 🙂 Sweet boy!

Just a photo I love!

So of course, after the great holiday light show and train ride, we had to get our own lighted train for the yard!

We hope everyone else is enjoying holiday experiences and traditions with their families and loved ones.