Ugh! I hate to write this post because the last post was so happy….but life has ups and downs. Gabriel make it 9 days and 18 hours between seizures. He had one small drop seizure late Friday morning and a 4 minute grand mal (tonic clonic) early this morning 🙁 Super Bummer. We are staying optimistic and hoping the changes we made before vacation kick back in.

In happy news we had started potty training before the seizure on Friday (I kept waiting until he had a good seizure free stretch to start this new possible stress-or) and he is doing great! He gets a prize everytime he is successful. In 3 days he has earned 14 prizes! I am excited to go to the Dollar Store tomorrow and restock the prize box!

Our computer got infected by a virus before vacation, so we have been dealing with hacked bank accounts and rebooting the laptop so I have not been able to blog as much. Once the laptop is up and running I will write a blog about what we think may been causing the issues. (hee hee teaser!)