While, 4 is a fairly low number, it is our favorite number today. Gabriel is currently 4 days seizure free! We are especially thankful because he has been a very resistant eater the last couple days. He only ate about 800 calories today and he is supposed to have 1050 (Isn’t it ridiculous that i know the number of calories my 3 year old ate?)

Like many families, we are gearing up for school to start. This fall, Chuck will teaching as a graduate teaching assistant and taking classes at KU, I will be teaching preschool 2 days a week and Gabriel will be going to preschool 3 days a week. We are all excited about the upcoming year.

We finally started potty training this week and G is rocking it! So far we haven’t left the house without a pull up but we have several weeks before school starts, and I think we’ll be good.

I keep trying new snacks for Gabriel to take to school. His school is nut free and finding Keto snacks without nuts is very tricky. He has been asking for cookies for weeks, I finally made him some and he wouldn’t touch them. Bummer! Hoping he will be more willing to try other new things soon.

We have an appointment with his epilespilogist next week and are hoping to his speech, physical and occupational therapies scheduled soon. I am slowly but surely learning how to manage the flow of parenting a child with special needs.