Last Tuesday G had 10 seizures, it was the 9th or 10th straight day of seizures and he had stitches in his chin.  Today we are enjoying a family vacation in Branson!

Gabriel is 5 days seizure free as I type and we are all enjoying our time away from home!  We are incredibly greatful for generous and kind family friends, who shared their time share points, enabling to take a vacation! My Mom and Dad got to come with us, so we are enjoying a combination of fun outings and rest time!

I am so glad we came. Last week was really tough and I kept thinking we were crazy trying to take a trip with Gabriel having drop seizures everyday. We figured, we would try the trip and could come home early if we needed to.  I literally thought, “Well at least if he has a drop seizure during the car ride he can’t fall and get hurt”

Our lodging is beautiful and huge! We have 2 adjoining units, each with a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, HUGE jacuzzi tubs and tons of space. Gabriel’s favorite thing is the corded phone.

He picks up the phone 10 -20 times a day…says “Hello, Hello”, “How you doing?” etc.  It really is the simple things!

We have not made him wear his helmet every day since he is doing so well. But we do bring it with us and hook it onto his backpack.  Apparently he was missing his helmet during mini golf… we turned around and he was wearing it, froggy backpack still connected. 🙂

We hope that everyone reading this gets to have joy in their hearts today!