We have been home from the hospital for a full week now. With all the activity going on around here “Full” is the correct word for sure. Gabriel has had TONS of wonderful moments! Lots of great talking, interacting, playing during the day. Several adults who see him regularly have commented on how great he is doing ๐Ÿ™‚ It has nice to have others see him on good days too. Evenings have been a different story. On Wednesday and Thursday night he had long, violent seizures. Both of them kept going after we used the emergency medication, so we called 911 both evenings. Both times the seizure had ended just as the crews arrived (which is amazing because we call 5 or 6 minutes into the seizure). Both times all his vitals and oxygen great. So we refused transport, which is a fancy way to say ….. we stayed home. ๐Ÿ™‚ All of the professional have been wonderful and kind…each time they keep saying call us when you need us, we will come back, if you need us tonight call again.

TRAINS! TRAINS! TRAINS! Our kid LOVES trains and one of the reasons he loves the hospital, is that they always have trains for him to play with. There was one little problem in this visit. The floor we were staying on had tons of thomas trains but the tracks had been lost (taken home by the last user). Our fantastic nurse used her connections and borrowed some tracks from another floor. G was in heaven!


Of course we had to wear our new superman cape while playing trains!


We couldn’t let the hospital have a thomas train play box without tracks, so we used one of our target gift cards from Christmas and bought a new set of tracks…with tunnel of course!


Gabriel tested the new set out and it worked great! So exciting to think about the other kids who will have a happier stay at the hospital playing with a familiar toy.

We are very glad to have had many moments of JOY in our lives the last week, we pray that everyone reading this has experienced JOY recently too!