Recently, Gabriel announced he wanted to eat pancakes.  He used to eat pancakes regularly but had abandoned them months ago. He get insisting he wanted them.  Excited that he was wanting to try a new food, I ran to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients.


We got our the scale and measured all the ingredients.


It was a rare night, when Chuck and I were both home, so Gabriel got to help with some of the prep. For this meal prep included separating eggs and weighing the yolk and white individually then whipping the egg whites, chopping blueberries, as well as, making a separate set of eggs and coconut oil to eat on the side so the meal would be in ratio.


He loved watching the runny batter turn into pancakes and help me FLIP them over.


It took almost 2 hours total from when he first asked for pancakes to when he got to eat them  (had to start over 2 twice because of spills, measuring mistakes and recipe errors). But he was very patient and proud that he got to help. He gobbled them right down and hasn’t looked back since.

We have tweaked the recipe so it is a bit easier to make and doesn’t include a side of eggs. We were especially glad for pancakes during our recently hospital stayed because they were easy to prep and transport.

My favorite part of the new pancake love, was the night we had breakfast for dinner. Gabriel had a lot of fun commenting” Mama is eating pancakes, Daddy is eating pancakes, Nonna is eating pancakes, Papa is eating pancakes.”

Anybody going to make breakfast for dinner tonight? 🙂