Gabriel is having a fantastic day! His large motor skills are firing on all cylinders for the first time in months! He is very talkative and engaged. While eating his pancake this morning he asked Chuck to sit down next to him at the table and then Gabriel engaged in his best 3 year old give and take conversation. He has been running around, wrestling, dancing and sweeping.

We got to come home from the hospital on Friday. He has done nothing but improve since then . He is regularly asking to eat and saying “I’m hungry”. It is a really big deal that he is asking for food since it is often a huge battle just to get him to eat. He continues to eat pancakes, pizza, puffs, chocolate, cheese and pickles and cupcakes (big variety for him).

Last night he ran around the sears outlet for at least 30 minutes,without his helmet on, checking out every refrigerator and oven. (Big box stores can be especially unnerving because every square inch seems dangerous especially if he were to suddenly fall). It was very fun to watch him pretending to cook, eat and then refrigerate pizzas ๐Ÿ˜‰ I giggled to myself a bit realizing that his pizzas are always on his mind.

The doses on 2 of his 3 medications have been raised. He usually has several good days after a raise in medication. We are hopeful to have a longer honeymoon period than a few days..but we will take whatever we get. He is testing his boundaries and being pretty ornery the last few days as well. I was really annoyed to be going back through the “no biting mommy”, “no riding on the cat” for what felt like the 10th time, when I remembered each time this one medication is upped this behavior emerges. While these ornery behaviors are annoying they come hand in hand with lots of good stuff. So instead of being annoyed I refocused and celebrated that he is doing well, his brain is firing, his body is remembering, relearning and discovery new things.