As I am typing Gabriel and Chuck are in an ambulance going to Children’s Mercy for the 2nd time in 2 days. They are on the way now because Gabriel had a 9 minute full seizure. We gave emergency meds after 5, called ambulance. When they arrived 5 minutes later the seizure had slowed significantly and the emergency med seemed to be working as Gabriel was very sleepy. Tonights seizure were nothing compared to last night, so at this point I expect they will be home in a couple hours and I will take over Gabriel duty so Chuck can rest.

Last night Gabriel had a seizure that started at 12:30 and lasted almost 30 minutes. It was a full seizure that stayed active for about 8 minutes then slowed down a bit to consistent rhythmic hand, mouth and face ticks. We were taken the ER by ambulance, they drew some blood and monitored him. They gave us the choice to go home or stay in the ER and possibly be admitted for monitoring when a bed opened. Initially we had planned on going that route in hopes of seeing Gabriel’s doctor in the morning. A few hours later a different doctor came in and explained that we may or may not get to see Gabriel’s doctor if we stayed. She said it was fine it we stayed and that a prolonged seizure as scary even to seasoned parents like overselves but that staying would mean they are just essentially just monitoring him, not making longer term plans. We decided it was best to stay away from the germs and got home as most people’s alarm clocks were going off.

I really appreciated the doctor’s compassion in saying that even for seasoned parents a prolonged seizure is scary…..because it really was. I was in a NyQuil haze through the whole evening…I had not slept well for many nights and wanted a good nights sleep before heading to work with my preschoolers……and even though I felt calm…I kept thinking…this could be really bad….this could be really bad. It was so nice to be in the hospital ER room knowing that there medical professionals right there if we needed them. They kept coming in and saying how sorry they were that we had to wait in such an uncomfortable room. I did not care at all because I felt safe and that my boy could get help if he needed. The feeling of helplessness when the seizures won’t stop is almost unbearable at times. Especially since G is such a strong kid and does all he can to fight through them. I am deeply thankful for the medical personal out there who serve the weak and wounded.

Gabriel’s life right now is full of highs and lows. If you had seen him early today you would not have guessed that he had been in the ER last night or that he would heading there again right now. He had a really good morning, was very talkive and played tons! My parents came down around 1:00 to give Chuck and I some rest time since we had been awake in the ER all night. Gabriel played nonstop with them all afternoon! He got a little woobly and started having his little tremory seizures in late afternoon and they progressed throughout the evening. We did not insist that he slow down and take a nap because he was playing so happily. Chuck and I went out to dinner to celebrate his 40th birthday (We are officially calling a DO OVER on his birthday this year) and as we were pulling into the drive way my Dad called to say that G was 2 minutes into a seizure

That’s the story for now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Specifics prayers at this point would be:

1. For the effects of the antibiotic to wear off (they are causing this round of crazy)2. For Gabriel to eat and sleep in a good pattern.
3. For his body to stay in Ketosis (this stops seizures).

4. For rest, not just sleep but rest for all of us! ๐Ÿ™‚