Whew..what a day. We are very glad to be home. He has had 1 small seizure since we got home but other than that has been fine. My parents came over and played with him so Chuck and I could get a small break. G had an awesome time playing with his lawnmower outside and playing with his train track inside.
His abiltty to communicate and talk is hindered by all the medication. He can talk but it takes a long to form sentences and his speech is slurred. He is very easily frustrated in this state…which I totally understand. I would be frustrated too. So he is very emotional and tired but totally wired on meds. We are 2 hours past his regular bedtime and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The doctors upped the dose of one of the medications we think gives him extra energy as well. I keep reminding myself…deep breaths, deep breaths.
As I was typing he finally stopped crying 🙂 Hopefully sleep is coming soon to our sweet boy.