Our normal has become so skewed lately, that I almost started this post with”Today was a good day”. Which it has been a good day because he has not had any seizures! I think I am going to classify today as a good, “bad day”.  Meaning he is not totally himself yet.   He pretty wobbly-falling down a lot and tripping , speech is slow to come and difficult to understand as if he were really drunk, and he is very emotional. Poor Kid. I hate that he is sad and I can’t fix it.

The good part is he has had LOTS of play time today. He played with his little people train track, spent over an hour outside “mowing” and played pizza party with me. His play on days like these is very interesting. He spent almost 4 straight hours repeating the same actions of lining the trains up off the tracks, driving them around the track and lining them back up again.  It seems that repetitive tasks like this calm him when he isn’t fully functioning. He seems compelled to do them….I guess kind of like a pregnant woman nesting. He did similar play at the hospital a few weeks ago.  His behavior today has been almost identical to the end of our stay at the hospital last time. It has been easier for me this time for a couple reasons.  1. I know he comes back to himself. 2.He does not have the added frustration of wires hooked to him.  It has been much easier and more comfortable to manage at home. So I guess that upside is “If” this happens again I know we can handle it at home. The downside is the reality of our lives that “If” should really be when.