We survived our first Keto Halloween!

We filled goody bags with little treats for Gabriel. Then wrote a little note to the neighbors explaning his needs, what his costume would be and asking them to give him the bag.  We had a great response!  Every house we had delivered the goody bags to was ready for us! A couple families even got Gabriel extra little goodies 🙂

We filled goody bags with candy for the kids coming to our house to Trick-Or-Treat.  I wanted Gabriel to be able to help in passing out the treats but not have to look at and handle candy he couldn’t have.  He carried a purple pumpkin because purple is official epilepsy awareness color.  🙂  We also had a bag of hot wheel cars ready  him to trade candy for hot wheels. (He  got 2 pieces of candy  because he got so excited about a house that was further then we had delivered goody bags)

He was very excited about his safety glow sticks 🙂

He loved passing out the goody bags. He practiced saying “Happy Halloween” to every kid who came by.

he got especially excited about the houses that went the extra mile decorating. I was trying to get a picture showing his boots with the costume.

He was very happy with all of his loot! The glow sticks were by far his favorite! He had lots of fun playing with Nonna and Papa (my parents) who came over to celebrate with us, while Daddy was in class.