Unfortunately, G has had lots of seizures this weekend ;( We are seeing the same kind that sent us to the emergency room last month. He has a drop seizures, then trembles and ticks like a full traditional seizure but he is conscious and tries to move, play, whatever. I hate this kind because they clearly upset him.  Sometimes he cries during them and sometimes he is clearly scared and looking at like “Help!”.

I came across 2 different piece of media that really impacted me this week. Each reminded me to be present emotionally, not just physically and to cherish each moment and find the beauty around me.

The first was a beautiful video in a blog post a friend shared on facebook


Second, was an interview on the Katie Couric show about a family, who had tragically lost their  4 year old to brain cancer.  I had the show on while I was sitting on the floor holding Gabriel, who had just finished having a seizure. It was heart wrenching to hear this amazing families story.  A solid reminder that even though things seemed to be turning for the bad, I still had my baby alive in my arms.


I couldn’t find a link to the interview, but I posted the website for the family above, Taylor Swift wrote a song in tribute to this boy called “Ronan”.

The combination of these 2 things have effected a subtle, yet important change in me. On Saturday, Chuck said he had to go Lawrence to pick up somethings he needed for the weekend. I didn’t get frustrated that I would be left alone with a kid having seizures. I just said “we’ll come with you” and we had a few great hours together as a family. We just chatted and sang in the car.  We ended our time together with a trip to the local grocery store to pick up pumpkins.  We told G it was the pumpkin patch and had him fully participate in the fun. 🙂  Chuck is very busy and getting to have 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted family time is very uncommon. My heart smiles just remembering our simple time together.  Not sure I would have appreciated it without to 2 stories above.

I hope everyone reading this blog is able to “see the everyday” in their own beautiful ways today.