We are having a wonderful summer! We aren’t completing big projects or going on fantastic vacations, but we are getting to spend time together as a family! Chuck is not teaching or taking classes, my preschool is out for summer and Gabriel doesn’t have school either.

Most importantly we are celebrating close to 4 months seizure free! We are also getting to wean one of Gabriel’s medicine. The combination of these 2 things are bringing forth great results! He no longer seems to be in a haze all the time. He eyes are brighter. He is more coordinated and more interactive! He is doing things like walking up the stairs with alternating feet and manipulating scissors with one hand. These are great developmental milestones to see him hitting. They are things he was beginning to do before Doose hit a year ago. It is wonderful to know that the interventions (school, therapy,diet,meds etc)are working! For so long I was just hoping that he would be able to “catch up” at some point. Now I am focusing on and celebrating each accomplishment he has. Yesterday he sat with me and cut paper for a good 30 minutes. Then we turned the pieces paper into mail and he had me write “you are a good cutter” on each piece of mail ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome for him to engage in pretend play, as well as, have prolonged interest in something other than trash trucks or trains!

We continue to faithfully follow the diet, although we are pretty sure the newest medication is doing most, if not all the seizure control. His latest favorite food is cheese and butter made into “crunchies”. I like them because they are fast and easy to make. Measure butter, measure and add cheese, microwave until crispy, let cool, crumble and let little man enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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