Our little guy continues to be doing very well. We went to the zoo for 3 hours one afternoon this week. This would not have been possible during the last year. He would have been totally exhausted after an hour. He has wanted to go outside and play, his favorite pasttime at the moment is “gardening”. He has a couple new shovels and rakes that he uses to move dirt from one part of the yard to another and back. He is interacting very well with others including other kids. Several times recently he has talked with other kids at the park or library. EEEE 🙂 so wonderful!

We are continue to wean him off of one of his medications. We took 1/2 pill away 2 weeks ago. Today we get to take another 1/2 pill away. So he will be down 1 whole pill a day 🙂 We hope and pray that the wean continues to go well.