We are giving our cat away today :(. After years of peeing and pooping everywhere in our home, (you name it we have tried it to get this cat to use her pan). We are sending our sweet Nilly to live on a farm in Kansas. We are so thankful for our friend and her mother, who came up with this plan and offered us a solution.

This was such a hard decision for us to make! Nilly came into our lives the day after my sister’s wedding. We woke up to a note on the door going out to the garage that said “Cat in garage, will explain later”. We opened the door to a meowing box, open the box and inside was a tiny little meowing kitteh with bright blue eyes. She stole our hearts immediately!

Our time in Nashville was tough for a variety of reasons and she was one of the bright spots! Chuck traveled a lot and so she and I always had each other ๐Ÿ˜‰ She has been a great pet in many, many ways but for a variety reasons would not adoptable to another family. I have been a wits end over what to do for months, even turned this same offer down when it was first offered.

So saying goodbye today is really hard…but it is the right thing. She is going to be fine, so are we..some tears this morning saying goodbye.