“Can I hold your hand mama?” Gabriel asked, as he wrapped his little hand around my thumb as he laid down for naptime. Ummmm…..YES! Yes! Yes! Music to my ears! Son….you can always hold my hand. I know there will be a day, sooner than I will be ready, when he will not want to hold my hand. Plus just a couple weeks ago when he gripped my hand this same way in his hospital bed he couldn’t use his words to ask .

One of the many things that has changed recently in our home in naptime. Gabriel has never been a willing napper. He screamed everytime I put him down for over 2 years.  His transition to his toddler bed a few months ago went very smoothly and we were sailing into naptime peacefully for the first time ever.

Not anymore…the reason our new motion monitor. I have a love/hate relationship with the EMFIT (the monitor) that fits over his mattress and alerts us if he leaves the bed or moves in certain ways.. I love it because it gives us added peace of mind that if he has a seizure at night we will be alerted. I do NOT like it because it goes off everytime I do laundry (which I used to do during naptime) and if he gets out of bed. Which he usually does at least once at naptime. So for now I am happy to lay down next him and hold his hand while he falls asleep.