I am hoping we all have a good nights sleep tonight. Since Gabriel has starting having seizures we have been sleeping like the parents of a newborn. He is the bedroom with us. Every sound he makes, every twitch, every breath has our attention.

We have had double digit days without seizures now and are starting to get back to the details of everyday life. Chuck has been working late into the night catching up on both work and school. I am exhausted from keeping up with all of the energy that our miracle medications give our little boy (Maybe another post about that coming soon). Both of us could fall asleep at the drop of the hat.

We are trying to get Gabriel to sleep in his own bed again at night. We love him very much but I am over being kicked and kneed  in the face 30 times a night by flailing 3 year old limbs.  We decided that he might be more willing to stay in his own room, if Daddy put him down, instead of Mommy. So while Chuck put him to bed I snuck downstairs to work on filing and other quiet things.  When I peeked in Gabriel’s room, an hour later, neither of them were there. I walked across the hall and found both my boys snuggled up  together in our big king sized bed sound asleep. What a beautiful sight! I wanted to take a picture but figured the flash would ruin the experience for all of us.

So…even though I will probably get whacked a few times while sleeping tonight…I am hoping tonight is the first night all the members of my family get a full nights sleep. Tomorrow is Easter morning………a time to celebrate all God has done to redeem the world. I am so thankful as He daily guides, strengthens and redeems my family.