Today I allowed and/or encouraged Gabriel to eat plain chocolate syrup, butter and diet pepsi. Figuring out the medicine and eating stuff feels like a whole new universe. Our doctor said do whatever it takes to get the medicine in him and suggested spoons full of chocolate syrup and soda. A nurse at the hospital taught us the straw trick. Put the medication in a straw, the kid sucks the medication down before they know it. This method works for me about 50% of the time with 1 of the 2 pills G has to take 3 times a day. Not today though…everyday the pill hit his lips he pulled it out of his mouth and said “I don’t want this”. Sigh. 3 times a day everyday…I ask him if wants to take his medicine like a big boy or if he wants Mommy and Daddy to give it to him. WHY? does he keep picking the hard way!!
I was super excited when G said he wanted chocolate syrup tonight! He had 1 spoonful of chocolate syrup with medicine sprinkles and said “im done now”. Grrrr!
I am letting him eat plain butter now because it is one of the things on the ketogentic diet. While we are thankfully not on the diet yet, I am trying to allow him to have any foods on it that he likes. So weird to be feeding my child slices of butter like they are a food…even weirder…he loves it.