We are going early tomorrow morning for a 2nd EEG. It is to check and make sure the medications are working and that he isn’t having any seizures during sleep or any that are unseen. (at least that is how I understand it).
It hard to believe the first EEG was less than a month ago. The preparation for the EEG is worse than the procedure. We have to keep Gabriel up until midnight then wake him up at 4 a.m.and have to keep him awake until the EEG. This is quite an experience..especially in the 45 minute car ride to the hospital. The medical professionals need him so tired that he will naturally fall asleep and wake during the test. Then they use this super stinking glue to stick 26 electrodes with long wires all over his head. This is the one time his hair is not admired ๐Ÿ™‚
The last time we did had the EEG he had 2 big seizures that landed us in the hospital for the first of our 3 visits. We are hoping and praying that the lack of sleep does not result in seizures tomorrow morning. It has been wonderful to be seizure free for over 10 days now!
I am also realizing as I type that had Chuck not really advocated for our little boy we would not have even had the EEG yet,as the original date was April 11th. (I imagine after all the rounds of several in a day we would have…but we got it done sooner because his daddy was on top of it). Just a good reminder to be informed and work with your medical professionals instead of waiting passively.