Sigh…we have had 2 bad days in a row. Which we hate! Monday was awesome…so we knew Tuesday would be bad. There is a clear pattern of a bad day after a good day. We were saddened that today was bad as well. I can’t count the number of times I have thought “this is as bad as it gets” over the last 2 months, just to be confronted with something worse. The day began at 2:30 a.m. with a 4 minute seizure that led to mouth clicks. He rested but did not sleep until 6 a.m. when he got hysterical because he was so hungry. Today was difficult because he had several quick and aggressive seizures that cause him to fall down. Afterwards he cries (I don’t know if it is frustration, or pain) and will not let me console him. He also had tons of little mouth clicks (well over 100) that disturb him. On top of the seizures he can’t seem to go to sleep even though he is tired. He was very upset for a solid 3 hours today. I spent 2 hours driving him around in the car. He would quiet down and almost fall asleep. Whenever I would pull in our driveway he would shake his and scream. We stopped by a friends house and sat outside on the lawn and he sat in a swing for a few minutes. He seemed calm and relaxed the whole we were there. We did have some up moments in the day. He watered flowers with Grandma, chair danced to Yo Gabba Gabba and around 5 (after his first dinner) he perked up a bit and started talking. I went to small group tonight and got a report that he was talking and playing while I was gone.


BROWNIES!On a brighter note….I got to cook Gabriel brownies! Now that he gets some extra calories the nutritionist sent me some yummy snack options.


I had to do some grocery shopping because I did not have flax seed meal, coconut oil. Since everything has to be brand specific as well, the only ingredient I already had were the ground macadamia nuts.


Mixing in the sour cream….seriously….yummy!


The foil pan I created per the recipe directions (first time I have followed instructions on creating a baking device!)


Finished product. (Hard to see but they look like brownies!) This pan made 10 snack servings for him. He liked them A LOT! Maybe next time he will eat them slowly enough for me to get a picture!