We got approval today to give Gabriel more calories per day. He will have 10 extra calories per meal and an extra 100 in a snack. We are very excited as we hope it will give him more energy. He was asking for food all the time and clearly got exhausted about an hour before it was time to feed him. We are also adjusting his ratio from 3:1 to 3.25:1 (giving him a little more fat and hopefully more energy)

It was so fun to give him a snack of Keto Fudge and strawberries today. The extra calories clearly helped because he did not eat all of the brand new mac-n-cheese we made for his dinner.

We were so excited to finally have a mac-n-cheese offering and he did not seem to like it. I think he doesn’t like the aftertaste of cream. Everytime we to get him to eat cream he will take a couple bites, then a few seconds later make face and kind of shake his head and shiver.  We are going to try again with a super sharp cheddar cheese, hoping to hide the heavy cream flavor. Hoping we find a mac-n-cheese he likes.

He had a lot of energy today. Went to a playdate, then open time at his gym. We are planning to take him to his day at Child’s Day Out tomorrow. We are going late so he will skip snack time but we are packing a pancake and jell-o for him to eat lunch at school. Hopefully, it will go well. He loves being around other kids and is clearly missing it.

Now I need to go print off all of his recipes and rebuild our cookbook. Very excited that we have snack recipes now and need to update all the old recipes with the new ratios. I am truly thankful we have nutritionist to work with and figure out all the calculations for us.