Gabriel had a seizure this morning. It was between 6-10 seconds long. Sigh.
The wake up to the all too familiar gasp followed by the shaking was not how I planned to start my first official day of summer break. He went immediately postictal, the phase of instant sleep and total exhaustion, in which the body recovers. I took this as a good sign that his body knew to stop and rest. Previously, when he was having a lot of seizures his body had stopped responding this way. Often he just stopped for a second or two and kept going.

As always my brain starts running through the last several day and hours seeking a possible “logical” explanation. There are several….antibiotics, late nap, small tweak in medicine. Then to the not so logical but we don’t rule anything out…there is a full moon. (Ironic because I saw the full moon through a window last night and thought….How pretty….not UH OH full moon—it has been very nice to have a break from seizures!)

A song that has spoken to me a lot latley popped into my head as soon as the seizure happen. I love the lines: The God of Angel Armies is always by my Side, and He is a Friend of Mine”. It is a prayer I have prayed for other this ALOT this week., for all those impacted by the tornado’s in Moore, OK to a collegue who lost her son to depression. My prayer has been that those in pain will know, feel and be aware of God’s love, concern, compassion and strength in the midst of the worst.

It feels silly to be writing a blog about a break from seizure freedom in the light of these things. But my purpose is to share out story. Also to remember that pain is pain, joy is joy and one our privilege as people is to share in one anothers lives. Right now we are standing on the line the seizure drew this morning….hoping for another long break and bracing ourselves to deal with more if they come.