I had a favorite book when I was little called “INSIDE, OUTSIDE, UPSIDE DOWN”. That is how our medical life with Doose feels! On Thursday Gabriel was diagnosed with Bronchitis and we had to start antibiotics. It is still crazy to me that as parents, Chuck and I dread antibiotics the way most parents dread hearing their child is ill. The last 2 times we did a round G was fine through them followed by days and days of seizures. We added a probiotic in hopes that it would help the diet continue to work while we did this round of antibiotics. We are 2 1/2 months seizure free right now and hoping and praying that the new medicine can handle antibiotics as well.

We started the antibiotics Friday morning. Then I made a mistake and gave him the wrong dose of one of his medications (UGH! Hello Mommy guilt!). When Chuck got home Friday night he thought Gabriel seemed really out of it (I am with G for his daily up and downs so I don’t really notice subtle changes very well…but Daddy has good eyes for these things). I decided to run to Sonic for shakes while Gabriel slept on the couch. Around 8 Gabriel started vomiting, Chuck said he barely had to energy to let his body throw up 🙁 After several minutes Chuck called 911. By the time I got home, G was in better shape, they were giving him oxygen and getting ready to load into the ambulance. It was our regular crew of firefighter and first responders…we all commented that it was nice to see each other but good that it had been a long time.

They decided to admit Gabriel overnight to watch him, make sure he didn’t have any medication toxicity (sp) issues. We are pretty sure he will come home this morning. Please pray that we can remain seizure free through all of this and for years to come!