Notice the new header? Thanks to Helen Ransom of FACES YOU LOVE Photography, we have updated family pictures!


We have had a few months really good months!! Gabriel had an awesome year at school! He graduated from preschool and is ready for Kindergarten! The extra year before Kindergarten was just what he needed. He was blessed with amazing teacher (I could write a whole blog about how wonderful his teacher was!) who took time to get to know him and helped him gain so many skills. The most exciting news is that Gabriel is now prepared to enter a kindergarten classroom with his peers!

He is doing so many normal kid things right now… like digging in dirt, riding his bike, hitting amusement parks and eating ice cream! (all 4 of those activities have caused serious fear and concern for us in the past!).

He got to participate on a Miracle League baseball team. It is a league for students with special needs. It was awesome for all of us to see him to have the opportunity to experience a team sport.

We have officially stayed out of the hospital for over a year!!!!  He has been 99% seizure free for 2 years! I can’t believe I get to type that! 3 years ago I was celebrating 5 days without a seizure. I am beyond thankful that those days are behind us! (i’ll do another post soon on future medical plans).

It is such a pleasure to watch him being a kid! I often observe him with a sense of awe and wonder! What we are getting to live right now….. It’s what we’ve been fighting for!

2015-05-02 10.17.42-1

Doesnt everyone stands on the pitchers mound to bat?

2015-05-26 18.47.29

The kid LOVES to dig in the dirt!

2015-05-03 17.29.57

He thought this was a good way to ride his bike. He kept saying Good Job Mommy–Keep Going.

2015-05-20 14.55.25 HDR

Graduating from Preschool!

2015-05-20 15.42.29

Celebrating the last day of school with custard!

2015-05-21 11.48.20

Riding a Roller Coaster!

2015-05-21 14.31.39

Fun at the amusement park with Mommy!

2015-05-21 15.17.14

He is FINALLY tall enough to drive to Taxi! He took the job very seriously!