This  is my second blog post of the day but I could not contain my excitement about an adventure that Gabriel and I had today. Chuck had to work all day and G was in a “no, NO, no, no.” mood. Thankfully my Dad asked if we wanted to come meet them for a bike ride. I got the first “yes” from G all morning when I asked him if he wanted to see Nonna and Papa.

It took me a good 10 extra minutes to gather all the food and extra supplies that keto and epilepsy require. Feeling a little sorry for myself that leaving the house for 3 hours means packing a cooler with 2 pre-made meals and various medications.

It was a perfect day for the park, cool but not cold and sunny. G had fun playing on the equipment and riding in the bike trailer.

While at the park, I realized that we were blocks away from one of my favorite pizza places and I had packed a pizza for Gabriel’s lunch. He has seen us eat this pizza multiple times and did not seem bothered by it.

So with my parents on board, we hatched a plan. I went to the restaurant first and ordered the pizza and drinks, so we wouldn’t have to wait long once Gabriel got there. He did great, sat and ate his pizza, then as soon as he was finished eating he wanted to get up and roam around the restaurant.

I had to laugh at myself a little, as most mom’s of preschoolers would not be so excited about taking their child to a restaurant. But I was! His typical preschool behavior helped me remember that I am not missing much not having him with me on the rare occasion when I eat out.

Nonetheless, this was a HUGE step for me. I don’t think we will eat out often but after 6 months of not stepping into any eating establishment with him, I am glad to know it is possible. Every little bit of normal we can get as we battle these seizures is wonderful.