I am happy to report that Gabriel has had an action packed, fun week! He has started school, spent lots of time with nonna and papa, and talked mommy into taking him to the zoo on sunday…for the sole purpose of riding the train.

yep, there he is, in his adorable conductor outfit! a friend gave it to us as a hand me down a couple months ago but i just got around to getting it out on sunday morning. g had to wear it immediately! we ended up at the zoo after a good 1 1/2 of him asking me if every train he had ever ridden was open. i was frantically searching online to see if any trains were open in kansas city at 10 on a sunday morning…. when it struck me….the zoo! yipppee! i barely had asked him if he wanted to go when he bolted out the car and climbed in his car seat…fully decked out in conductor gear and refusing to leave it at home.

he has super excited to realize conductor bear was also wearing overalls ๐Ÿ™‚ i can’t even tell you how cute this little outfit is. thank you friends for passing it along!

while the week, was good and full of fun, gabriel did have several small seizures, all at night and at home. i think about 10 in total over 4 days. right now we are on day 5 without any….so we are expecting some in the next day or so…the pattern right now seems to be 7-9 days with none, then a few days with them.

so with g’s event filled week and me starting back to school, i am exhausted.ย  good reasons to be tired but i am tired. as i was putting gabriel to bed last night, i was thinking i just want “REST”. then the verse ‘come unto me all who are weary and i will give you rest’ came to mind.ย  happy sigh. oh yeah…you can find peace in the middle of crazy. then a song from church camp popped into my head….thought i would share it ๐Ÿ˜‰




sorry for the lack of capitals in this post, the shift key on computer is not working.