Yep, turbulent is the best way to describe the past week. Multiple time this week I have thought…’hold on, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride’. We’ve had several ups and downs.

Gabriel has had several big seizures this week. Most have been during sleeping hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays night. He only got to go to school on Tuesday. Thursday he had a seizure that I think of 1/2 and 1/2 (start with a quick gasp, then small lip tremors and staring) while eating dinner. I was worried this was a sign the drop seizures were coming back but so far so good.

Last night was tough because he had a 7 minute seizure. We used his emergency medicine (Valium that is administered rectally) after 5 minutes and it still took another 2 minutes to fully stop. Once we use the emergency medicine, we are supposed to call 911 if another seizure occurs. It is difficult to sleep when you know an ambulance trip to the ER is one possible jerk away.

On the upside of life, G and I got to go to a pumpkin patch with my mom’s group. We go every year and it is always a fun trip. It is so nice for me to see my other mommy friends and to watch G play next to kids he has been playing with since they were months old. Gabriel got to play on a huge tube jungle gym (the kind they have in fast food restaurants). It was great to see him climbing and crawling around in the tubes.  We don’t go to fast food places because he still misses and asks for french fries.

He found a perfect little pumpkin that fit right in his hands.  He carried it around faithfully all day.

The other HUGE up this week, were the airline ticket vouchers that arrived via Fedex. They are for our 2nd opinion trip to Baltimore in November.  We had applied for them late last week,  through a partnership between John Hopkins and Southwest Airlines.  Go Southwest! (always loved them…now even more). Especially glad to have this visit set up after our tough week.