last week Gabriel had a fever for 4 days. it would spike pretty high at night then break after tylenol. on the 4th day he broke out in a rash, so we took him into the after hours clinic. turned out he had strep throat. poor kid. I felt awful for letting him suffer for days. it is difficult not wanting to take your child to the doctor because you know, it will be your job to educate the medical professionals on the underlying issues. Also the fear that some little mistake could make him much sicker than he already is. sigh. But for now we are on the other side. After multiple calls to multiple doctors we have official doses for tylenol and advil and we know what type of antibiotic he can have.

Last weekend, my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rich came in from St. Louis to visit and help cook. It was a huge blessing to me because I got to do several ‘normal’ things that have become luxuries in my life
-i ate 3 real meals in a row!
-i got to play chicken foot (my favorite domino game)
-i got to take a nap
-all the dishes got done!
-i got to eat olive garden
beside the normal things. We made several meals and snacks. Gabriel got to go the zoo with Papa and Uncle Rich (papa’s brother). I think as far as G was concerned it was papa times 2! My folks and sister and her family came down for evening of family fun. It was nice to be with extended family and feel some old normal in the midst of our normal.

Gabriel had 2 big seizures last night ( 3 minutes and 30 seconds) and was too tired to go to school today, so we are enjoying cuddle time.