We have officially lost track of the days of the week….but today is Friday. The most important thing I have to say today….is THANK YOU! We are truly blown away by all the love and support coming our way.We have always been big believers in strong relationships and community but now we are convinced that we are functioning because of all the care coming our way.

Gabriel had an MRI this morning and we were told there was nothing of concern :). This is a big relief to us, especially since he hasn’t been talking. He did say “Choo Choo” yesterday and would say the letter sounds when asked. I never imagined how exciting it would be to hear my train obsessed chatterbox say  “Choo Choo”. However after many hours of no words at all…it was AWESOME!  When he woke up this morning Chuck said “What’s my name?” and Gabriel answered “Chuck”…Hee hee…not Daddy, Chuck.

Yesterday was a long day because he feels fine on the inside but his body is so drugged that he can’t talk or move independently.  He has had a total of 5 wires connected to him and they drive him crazy. We finally got to take 4 of the wires off about 4 p.m. so we could put him in a cart thing and get him out of the room. He calmed down immediately once he was in the cart and finally fell asleep for the first time in 18ish hours  (we think). After his nap we woke up played with a Thomas the train set nonstop for 4 hours.

I (Amy) got to take some time away from the hospital yesterday. My sister lives 10 minutes from the hospital so I got to go to her house. Her husband cooked a real meal and I got to play with my niece 15 month Lydia. It was a really nice respite.