The new diet ratios seem to be working well with Gabriel’s body. He has having great ketones readings almost all the time. He isn’t asking for food all the time either, which we think means he isn’t feeling constant hunger.

We have had several really fun and neat things happen the last few days. Gabriel got to go see a sneak preview of Madagascar 3 this weekend. He LOVED the 3D cartoon.

Gabriel has been able to go to Sunday School and have playdates 🙂 He wears his helmet most of time because he wants to.

We also got not 1, not 2 but 3 pieces of amazing real mail! 2 were beautiful notes from friends with gifts included and the 3rd was an anonymous envelope with 2 adorable gift cards to Toys R Us! THANK YOU!!!! I want to say again how much Chuck and I appreciate each and every personal touch we recieved. This battle we are fighting is harder than it should be and each act of kindness keeps us moving forward.

Gabriel continues to have drop seizures every day. We has at least one where he falls to the ground every night (almost always at 6:30). We know we are making progress, but these are disheartening. Especially after the entire day has been good. We had a day recently where Gabriel FINALLY seemed totally himself (first time since March) then a drop seizure hit and he has been that good since.

We had 2 amazing women come clean our house today. They were here for 7 hours! They literally cleaned everything…from under the beds to the ceiling fans (they even super shined Gabriel’s potty chairs)! Gabriel ran from room to room saying  “Now let’s look at mommy’s room, now let’s look at Gabriel’s room”, etc.  I love that he picked up on my excitement!

Hello floors! I am currently soaking up every clean moment while the boys are sleeping 🙂

I was so impressed with the fact that even the magnet letters were lined up and organized.

Gabriel had a different opinion and took about 5 seconds to “rearrange” them to his liking. Sigh. After throwing the magnets on the ground he said “They go in time out on top of the refrigerator”.