It has been a few days since I have been able to update the blog.It has been a busy week trying to have fun in the good moments, rest in the bad and keep up with all the diet changes.

I would have that we have been having c+/ b- days this weeks. We will have several awesome hours, then several bad hours. He had one big 4 minute seizure on Thursday night but bounced back from it fairly quickly.  Gabriel’s ketones have been all over the place. They will be the highest possible, which is good, and then 3 hours later they will be between moderate and small, not good, then 3 hours later high again.  We are pretty sure the ketone issues explain the seizures.

We weighed Gabriel this week and he has gained 1 1/2 lbs in the last couple weeks.  Which is too much. We think that he is getting too many calories. So we are going to cut his  snacks by 50 calories a day this week.

We change ratios on the ketogentic diet again this week to 3:75:1 then next week to 4:1.   It is difficult to tell if things are getting better with the changes yet.

One of the benefits of 4:1 ratio will be more menu options. There are several books written at this ratio, including  “chicken nuggets”. We had our first success with him eating cream this week. I whipped it up with a tiny amount of peanut butter then chilled it. He ate every last bite 🙂 We also found a peanut butter flavor we can use that has no calories, carbs or sugars to order online.

We are so thankful for a really good discussion with one of the nurses at the hospital. She was able to cut through some miscommunication problems we have been having about Gabriel’s vitamins, recipes and calories to get some clear answers. One of those answers included a “Yes” to Scooby Doo vitamins! There is 1 sugar free children’s vitamins that Keto Kids are allowed to have and we got cleared it give them to G. He really likes them. It seems like a treat to him for now! We are glad because getting his vitamin supplements in him has not been going well. We still have some we have to hide in food but not as much.