This wal-mart gift card showed up in our mailbox a few days ago. After some investigation I discovered it was truly a gift to us 🙂  THANK YOU to the generous soul, who cashed in their credit card points to bless our family. The credit card company can’t share the personal information with us…so for now it is a beautiful mystery!

This is only 1 of many amazing generous, kind and thoughtful gifts we have received in the past few weeks.  It has been delightful to cry happy tears as these blessings come our way!



I was really excited to try a new recipe of Almond Bread this week.  It has cream cheese, butter, almonds and a little sweetner. I was hopeful it would look like real bread and taste good. My excitement grew when I realized  I got to use a regular sized bowl and pan to make it!

YIPPEE! Looks like a yummy cake bread!

He LOVED it! Chomped it down in no time!

I am excited to give it to him again and hope he still likes it as much!  I have about 30 servings ready to go since the recipes made a full sized pan and he can only get 1 tiny piece at a time.


On a bummer note, Gabriel had a big seizure last night. The worst part is we know what caused it and it was my fault! 🙁

We had tried to mix his meds into his eggs the previous evening.  When he caught on 1/2 way through the eggs he refused to eat.  We should have just called the meal a wash and fed in the morning. But I was so excited about the bread,and I knew he would be really low on calories for the day, so I quickly sliced a small piece and gave it to him.

DING DONG Mommy! you know better! Long story short…I have learned my lesson…and if 15 grams of ketogenically balanced bread can cause a seizure….we will be diligent in every way moving forward! I am not beating myself up about it, learned a good lesson and learned it well.  Now we are back to aiming for 100 seizure reduction before our next doctors appointment.