We just got home from Gabriel’s follow appointment. We met with 4 different people in total.  It went very well. In general we have determined that he has had an 80% reduction in seizures since starting the ketogenic diet!

The doctor emphasized many times it takes at least 3 months to know anything. He was saying it in an encouraging way! Seems like it is very good that we are seeing results so quickly. For now G will stay on the diet and all the medications.

Gabriel was the exact same height and weight as when we left the hospital about a month ago. This means he gets an extra snack each day! Since they want him to grow, the nutritionist are going to adjust his calorie intake up about 5%. In our world that will mean an extra snack sometimes after nap time to keep ketones up through the night.

We also met with a neuro psychologist whose team will be working with us to monitor Gabriel’s development.  We are excited that he seems to be back to himself in language, cognition and motor skills. It is nice to know we have a lot of support.

Our last stop was to get his blood drawn. I am totally amazed at how well he handles getting his blood drawn. He doesn’t cry, fuss or scream at all. Today he just sat next to Chuck and watched the entire process. His  brow furrowed and his lip puckered a little..but he held still while she filled 3 viles.  (Amazing, in contrast, to the struggles we have getting medicine in him everytime!)

Thank you everyone for asking, checking on us, reading our blog, caring and praying! Today has been a gooooooood day!