Chuck is  quickly becoming a keto culinary genius! He is researching and creating (with the help of our online recipe creator, Keto Calculator) some of Gabriel’s favorites! Last night he experimented with 2 pizza recipes deciding on one made with a crust of pureed Macademia nuts,  whipped egg whites and mayonnaise.  If you know Chuck very well you realize this is an incredible labor of love because Chuck HATES mayonnaise. I could right an entire blog post on his dislike of mayo.

Gabriel loved the pizza. After pizza success Chuck tried blueberry pancakes today. They were equally successful. ( I wanted to put the videos of eating these on the blog but it was more detailed than I have time for right now. I will put them on facebook for those of you on facebook.)

We are very excited to be finding foods that he enjoys, are yummy and familiar! The recipes take a lot of work because each ingredient has to be perfectly measured to the gram and only make 1 serving. We are planning on spending time each weekend learning new recipes and trying to find ways to freeze and do other prep ahead things.

I am currently snacking on a random snack pack of M&M’s I found in my car. We are making sure to eliminate all of his favorites from the house and cars.  Eating has a been a bit challenge for me. I am committed to not eat anything in front of Gabriel that he can’t eat and I can’t eat what he is eating. I have been able to leave the house for a short time everyday and sneak things like my favorite Wendy’s salad and zone bars. I literally ate a ham sandwich in the bathroom yesterday! I keep joking that I am either going gain 30 lbs from late night noshing or loose 30 lbs from lack of food. It is all worth for our little man though!

Cheers to a seizure free weekend!