We are honored and blessed at all of the offers for help. This post is our answer to requests for our specific needs. Thank you to everyone who already have been praying for us, sent us cards, made us meals, mowed our lawn.  You have enabled us to care for and love our baby better.

(Many Recipes are brand specific so if you see a brand name it has to be that brand)
Unsalted Butter
Jell-O Brand Sugar Free Prepared Jell-O cups
Oscar Mayer Bacon
Macademia Nuts (staple of many recipes)

(all of the other foods we need are easily perishable or require detailed explanations of packaging and label reading).

Cotton make up remover pads. (We put these in his diaper to test his urine for ketones).

Size 4 Pampers Diapers. (We are officially putting off potty training for a while)

Treats for Mom and Dad:
Wendy’s gift cards
Starbucks gift cards

General needs:
Quick Trip Gas Cards (We received one in the mail and it literally made me cry!) We are doing lots of extra driving between doctor, hospital visits and last minute trips to various stores for supplies

Walmart gift cards. (Thankfully the majority of Gabriels’ staple foods are available for purchase at Walmart)