Today, I got to say things “No”, “Stop” ,”Not safe”, and “What are you doing?”. My little man is acting like a regular 3 year old, pushing the limits 🙂 So exciting.  He was a total chattberbox today, asking lots of questions, bossing my around. “You STAY THERE! “Put your glasses ON!”

He went to the church nursery for 2 hours today while I was in my mom’s meeting, then we went the local children’s farm, and then he played outside for hours after his nap.  He is so great about his helmets! He just goes to grab one anytime he is going to play outside! We maybe going a little overkill with them on good days like today, but he isn’t bothered by them and gives us extra peace of mind.

Gabriel and Grandma transplanted the flower he started at school yesterday.

He loves his new t-ball tee!

He even kind of let Grandma help him.

Last week, at this time I felt like I was hanging off  tallest building in town, gripping on for dear life, hoping not to plumet to into certain disaster. This week, things are much better. I’ve been saved from the immediate danger and have my feet firmly planted on the rooftop. The only problem is I am still on the rooftop and I belong on the ground!

Doose has certainly turned our lives inside out, upside down and caused all kinds of crazy….but for today…the view from up here on the rooftop is good. My kid did have not seizures today, he is talking, laughing and playing.  He has had 2 good days in a row. I made sure to stop and write down a few of victories today because we will need them for darker days when the rooftop seems too high and unsteady.