We went to Powell Gardens, a local botanical garden, today for Mothers Day. Gabriel and I met parents and my sister as well her husband and his mom and brother. I was sure to schedule things around his medicine and meals (he ate lunch right before left and he ate a waffle in the car before we drove home). Obviously, Mother’s Day has taken on a whole new meaning for me this year. Not all about me…but about my heart full of love and hope for my boy!

"Cheese" Look at this sweet face peaking through one of the forts at Powell Gardens. Amazing shot of his face! These are hard to come by!


Gabriel's adorable cousin, LYDIA!

They say cousins are your first friends. Hope these two stay close friends for a lifetime.

Overlooking the lake. Trying to get pose of all of us facing away from camera. As usual G is looking the opposite way. Oh well 🙂

All the mommies! Left to right:Sharon Treese, Lisa Treese, Amy Russell, Barb Fluchel (notice both kids have their hands in the mouths!)

It was a fun afternoon. It was nice to be in an open public space and not have to wear his helmet! He has been pretty steady on his feet lately. He still have 1-3 small head drops or trips each day but they are not enough to necessitate extra head protection.