We had a huge snow here, so G and I were home all day. We played and played and played some more. I kept telling him we could go outside when Daddy cleared the driveway. As soon as, Gabriel saw Chuck,he ran and got his shoes. I was running around gathering up snow gear, and Chuck was messing with the snowblower. Gabriel walks over to me and says “I put my shoes on!” —as if to say….time to go outside…I’m ready.

This would most likely be good news in the homes of many preschoolers. It is always nice when your child can take care of something on his or her own. For us it was a huge cause for celebration! Gabriel works on motor planning and self care skills a lot during his therapy sessions. He is regaining so many things lately but we are still relearning how to undress and haven’t focused much on dressing. Our therapist has explained that undressing comes first and then dressing.

SO I had NO idea he could put his shoes on by himself! Almost everytime I put his shoes on , I talk through all the steps and try to have him do some of them. It was awesome to have him just do it! Plain and simple…he put on his shoes….all by himself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Proud, proud moment. G was totally unaffected by it. I wonder how many other things he knows how to do that we don’t know about yet ๐Ÿ™‚

We have not seen a seizure in several days. So nice to feel like we can come up for breath of fresh air. Looking at the calendar is weird right now, because this time last year things were just starting to fall apart. I am so relieved that we are having some good times ,and a reprieve from the intensity of fighting illness and seizures.

On another fun and happy note, we have not had to call 911 since January 31st! I thought we had made it 2 weeks today…but it was actually 3 ๐Ÿ™‚