What a great day Gabriel has had!
1. He got to ride the bus home from school. He was so excited to ride the bus.

2. He answered a question his teacher asked him at circle time! HUUUUGE! The teacher included in an email to me and mentioned what an impression it made on all of the other adults who had worked with him last year! They had never seen him answer a question. News like this makes my heart soar. He is gaining skills to function in the world. So proud of him!

Gabriel has an appointment with the behavioral neuropsychology specialist tomorrow. We had a bear of a time getting the appointment made! We still aren’t sure if it is going to be a follow up on a developmental assessment he did last year or for getting resources to help with the new level of impulsive and inattentiveness we are seeing. EIther way we are going to bring up our concerns with his new lack of understanding when things are not safe. (things like grabbing for pots on stovetop).

We are also starting to have problem with his sneaking food. He found a few pieces of shredded cheese on the table, left from us cooking and ate them plain. Our house is pretty locked down but he is at school now with other kids eating regular snacks. In the past I wasn’t worried because he followed directions easily and willingly, not so sure anymore. Another reason we are hoping to kick the diet asap.

BUT today I am focusing on the good and asking God to help me feel the good as deeply as I do the bad.