Gabriel started school on Friday. He was supposed to start on Thursday but ended up coming down with a cold on Tuesday. It is amazing how a simple cold knocks G man out. He slept all day Wednesday and most of the the Thursday. He bounced back Thursday evening, so we knew he would be heading to school on Friday.

Drop off went well. He has a new teacher this year but the para’s (teacher helpers) are they same at least year. It was great to see him walk right up to one them and get in line with his classmates. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces. I was shocked at how much older all the kids looked. Then as I was loading in photos today I realized that Gabriel has grown up a lot this summer too!

When I picked him up from school I asked how his day was. He said something like I had fun or I played. I can’t remember because right after that he said. I played London Bridge, then started singing it! This is HUGE! He rarely answers questions directly and almost never with detail. We usually find out about things that he did in totally round about ways. I was so excited that he enjoyed his day enough to report on it! Then he sang london bridge several more times, until we got the ipad out to record him singing it…. LOL 🙂