I turned 36 today.  I am sure this will be one of those birthdays that sticks in your mind for years to come. Hopefully many seizure free years from now it will be …”Oh yeah that was when Gabriel was first diagnosed and we were getting reading to start Keto”.

Today was wonderful in the simplest of ways.

1. I got to take a nap.
I am a girl who really appreciates a good nap. So much that I actually put napping on a list of my hobbies recently! (Little did I know it would be published in my mom’s groups address book).
2. Gabriel passed his developmental assessment with flying colors.
We took Gabriel to our school’s district Early Childhood center to baseline his development. Our hope is that he continues to develop well and want to stay on top of it. The social worker came out and told us he easily passed every area and is well ahead of what would be expected for his age. She seemed a little confused as to why we were there until we told her about our recent diagnosis. It is good to have possible resources in place before we need them.

3. Gabriel and I got to eat 2 of his favorite foods together today… Red Robin and Pizza.

4. Not 1 but 2 floral deliveries arrived for me.

5. Gabriel did not have any seizures!
(at least during waking hours…he had one at 3 a.m. but that seems to be part the routine right now).