Gabriel had a great first day at his new school! He walked right in like he been going there since the day he was born ๐Ÿ™‚ I did have to run back to the school with his helmet because we left it at home–oops. I tried to slip it in the door to teacher in stealth mode so as not to upset him. Totally unnecessary. He was deeply involved in lego play and didn’t even know I had come or gone.

I realized as we drove away that it was the first time I had left him with “total strangers”. I have always personally known, worked for or had a close friend who knew or worked for everyone I have left him with. I wasn’t at all worried but I finally had a personal understanding of how the parents of the students I teach feel. My confidence was rewarded when his teacher called 1/2 through his day to report that he was acting very tired and kept trying to close his eyes. She was making sure it wasn’t a seizure. (NOPE…just a boy who didn’t nap well weekend and stayed up until the superbowl was over!)

Tomorrow Daddy drops off and Nonna and Papa pick up while Mommy goes to work. Gabriel passed his “can I handle change?” transition test with flying colors. We will see how I do tomorrow. Thank you everyone for praying and the sweet notes of encouragement.