Gabriel has thoroughly enjoyed the last few days. A dump truck came to his house AND dumped not 1 but 2 huge piles of dirt on his lawn! (I hate that our laptop with the photo card reader is not working because I got some great pictures.)

The grown up reason for the dirt was not quite so exciting. The excessive heat from the last 2 years has left the dry ground receding around the base of our home. Thus, leaving the foundation in possible danger. So, with the help of my parents, sister Lisa, brother in law Jeff, and 19 month old niece Lydia, Gabriel and I attacked the mountains of dirt and firmed up the foundation on our home and readied the lawn for some much needed TLC.

Seems in some ways we are going back to the foundations of Gabriel’s health at the same time.  We have a handful of new meal and snack recipes that fit in the new calorie plan. The diet continues to baffle me with its complexity. Normally, with a recipe you could just do some math and cut it down by a certain number of calories but that is not the case  with the ketogenic diet because of protein and carb levels.  I don’t completely understand why…even though Chuck does and has explained it to me multiple times.  For now I am happy to have enough recipes  to start feeding him the 4 meals and 2 snacks correctly. We have been cobbling together already made meals to hit his calorie requirements this week.

He seems to be doing well. He didn’t have any seizures that we saw today.  Even though we had someone within feet of him at all times, we are working hard and engaged in what we were doing, so there is a chance we missed something…but I don’t think so 🙂

Glad for a good fun filled day for our boy!