In the last few days, something has fundamentally shifted in my internal thinking and emotional status. I’m not exactly sure how the shift happened but it has happened and it is good! I feel a sense of calm or peace, as well as, an extra rootedness.Don’t get me wrong we still have our ups and downs but I am not as effected by them.  When the good days come I am just truly thankful for the good, when the bad days come I think “bummer” and move on.

Gabriel has had 2 really, really good days in row. We went to the sprayground and he played and ran and kept up with the other kids. He wasn’t totally zapped by heat either. It was wonderful to watch him in action from a distance (20 feet), instead of diligently standing within reaching distance.

We also met with his teachers to help prepare for his school year. It was so nice to see him back in the preschool setting especially on a day when he was pretty coordinated.

I am still working getting Gabriel’s menu’s and foods adjusted to the new diet tweaks but the 4 meals and 2 snacks seems to be a good system for him. I think getting the calories spread out over the day is the key for a good energy level and it seems to be keeping the seizures at bay.

It has been pretty fun to write down 0 under seizures in his book the last 2 days.