Gabriel has a new favorite meal. I spread tons of butter on a specific American cheese and cut it little pieces. Sometimes he calls them cheeseburgers, sometimes cheese sandwiches, sometimes yummy cheese. No matter what, he likes them. As with all keto cooking there many exact measursement  and specific ingredient lists that must be followed. This particular recipe is every crazier than most. I make him snack size portions and meal sized portions.



Both use Kraft American Deluxe Cheese….but the cheese in each package is different! They have different nutritional information and when entered into our meal calculator, one will work out perfecty for a snack but not a meal and the other will work out perfectly for a meal not a snack. Mindnumbing! BUT…I am so thankful to have another meal he will eat.  He is currently willing to eat 4 meals and about 8 snacks. Too bad for all of us that we can’t just up the calories in the snacks and turn them into meals…but for some fancy math/science reason I don’t totally grasp we can’t. Oh well.  Tonight I made G some of his favorite new food to take for snack to school tomorrow. 🙂