We are the middle of a run here and there and everywhere week at our house. Chuck started both taking and teaching classes as KU, as well as, his job at the church. Gabriel and I have been spending lots of time at the church as I am working extra hours this week getting ready for preschool to start next Tuesday.

The highlight of my week was when Gabriel joined me in leading devotion for my fellow teachers. I had walked to the front of the room and the next thing I knew he was with me.  Since, we are a preschool staff, I started devotion by singing “This is the Day” while I was singing, my sweet boy, literally jumped unto the stage behind me and started dancing and singing along. Then he insisted we sing the song a 2nd time. In and of itself this was a wonderful and touching moment to be his Mommy . As I was standing there I just keep thinking what a long way we have come. The last time I had been with my fellow teachers was in May. Back then, before we had a good amount of control over the seizures, Gabriel could not have stood up there and danced with me.

We have had several seizure free days recently…I think 8. I intentionally stopped counting so closely because I was getting too caught up in the ups and downs. I am pretty sure, he just had a very small one in his sleep. Small, and quick enough, that if I were not right next to him, we would have never known….but it did happen. So we have to count it…but I am calling it a little blip and hoping it is only one…..and I am remembering “This is the Day that the Lord has made.”